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Against the Drachma

November 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Ioannides and Pissarides are against going back to the drachma. Read their Kathimerini article (in Greek).

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Gresham’s Law

November 24, 2011 Leave a comment

If Greece went back to the drachma, the impact on the banking system would be catastrophic, in my opinion. Who would Greek banks borrow from, and how would they get any deposits? Gresham’s law dictates that people will be saving in euros and will be transacting in drachmas, at least outside of black markets. The euros will be hoarded or will be deposited to other European banks. Who in his right mind would be depositing euros in Greek banks if a mandatory conversion to drachmas could not be ruled out completely?

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Not a Credit Event

November 24, 2011 Leave a comment

On one hand I hope that the haircut is not a credit event, but if a 50% haircut does not trigger the CDS, I am wondering why would anyone buy heavily into the debt of any country facing a non-negligible probability of default.

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Global Financial Crisis

November 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Unless ECB pumps liquidity into the system on a grand scale, in the trillions, Roubini’s  predictions may turn out to be only a prelude to the real thing. My two cents.

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Tehnokrati me Politiki Empeiria kai Ohi Politiko me Oikonomiki Empeiria

Kato apo tis parouses sinthikes, i Ellada hreiazetai technokrati oikonomologo, i’ dinaton me kapoia empeiria stin politiki, kai ohi ena politiko karrieras me kapoia empeiria sta oikonomika. O telefteos den tha ehei vatheia gnosi ton oikonomikon kai tha endiaferetai gia epanoklogi me sinepeia na min pernei tis apofaseis pou hreiazontai.  Einai i ora oi politikoi arhigoi na kanoun tin ipervasi kai na epilexoun tous kaliterous pou ehei o Ellinismos na prosferei, diladi atoma pou na xeroun ti tous ginetai kai einai diatethimenoi na pane kontra sta megala simferonta stin Ellada apo opou kai an proerhontai.

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Papadimos’ Conditions

Papadimos’ conditions are reasonable. He is willing to run a coalition government; he is not willing to become a puppet…

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I Just Started Tweeting

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