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Papadimos’ Conditions

Papadimos’ conditions are reasonable. He is willing to run a coalition government; he is not willing to become a puppet…

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I Just Started Tweeting

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The Denials That Trapped Greece

Read this article in the New York Times: The Denials That Trapped Greece.

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Roubini on Samaras

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Can we Put the Brakes on Please?

Let’s get this straight: Greece’s European partners should not hold the Greek nation responsible for the PM’s miscalculated or ill-advised political maneuver. The misstep can be handled internally. Let’s stop overreacting and humiliating an entire nation. History taught us that this never led anywhere. The Europeans, of all people, should know this very well.

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Myths about The Greek Debt Crisis

We do not endorse all the points made in this article by Stergios Skaperdas, but we certainly find it interesting.

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Missing the Point

The international  media seems to be missing the point. Yes the referendum adds uncertainty and possibly infuriates Greece’s  euro partners by seemingly undermining their decisions, however, it should calm down the Greek public uproar and provide an outlet to vent. It also sends a clear signal to the IIF for all banks to voluntarily accept the debt deal, and to Greece’s euro partners that Greek sovereignty cannot be compromised and no more austerity measures will be implemented or the people will not vote for the deal. In the mean time, Papandreou’s government has plenty of time until January to stir public opinion, provided the government survives.

The bigger current issue is the vote of confidence on Friday. Given today’s parliamentary defects, whether Papandreou’s government survives or not is highly questionable at this point.

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