Prosohi stous Diplomatikous Erasitehnismous

Oi diplomatikoi erasitehnismoi mas ehoun katastrepsei sto parelthon. Min penevomaste gia tin protovoulia tou Proedrou Papoulia. Eihe proigithei diplomatiki proetimasia? To ixere o Germanos Proedros oti tha iparxei anafora tou thematos? An ohi, tha aisthanetai oti he was ambushed (tora pou se piasame katse edo…) An einai etsi opos nomizo, anexartita apo tin orthotita tou aitimatos, poli lathos heirismos…

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A few thoughts on the results of the Greek elections:

(i) I assume Mr. Samaras has realized by now that his support of elections was ill-advised. Papademos’ government should have stayed in power until Greece went back on track.

(ii) Mr. Tsipras essentially makes the same arguments that Mr. Samaras used to make. He pretends to not realize that there is no free lunch. Some Greeks will vote for whoever promises no pain, be the far left or the far right, but there is no gain without pain in this case.

(iii) Any solution should come from within the European community with the endorsement and support of the IMF. Greece should not take any unilateral steps. This is a European problem that will take the whole Europe down unless drastic steps are taken.

(iv) A return to the drachma would bring Greece decades back, but of course we are choosing between Scylla and Charybdis here.

(v) Once more, the Euro needs to be devalued to stimulate European exports.

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Fiscal Discipline? Yes. Austerity? No.

You cannot get out of a depression through austerity. Need I say more?

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To Dimosio Thelei na se Vlepei Aftoprosopos

March 27, 2012 1 comment

Meta apo tosa hronia paramonis sto exoteriko, afto pou me xenizei idietera otan prepei na sinallago me to Elliniko dimosio einai i pliris adiaforia tou gia ton politi. Den endiaferetai pou meneis, den endiaferetai gia tin ilikia sou, den endiaferetai gia ti somatiki sou katastasi. Zita soreia hartion kai pistopoitikon ta opoia sinithos prepei na parousiaseis aftoprosopos. I ennoia tis apostolis egrafon me tahidromeio i’ fax, tis pliromis me pistotiki karta apo to tilefono i’ me prosopiko check, i’ tis simplirosis entipon online i’ den iparhei i’ einai ellipis. Prosopika eho varethei na hreaizetai sineheia i’ na parakalao siggeneis i’ na plirono dikigorous gia na kano to douleia mou.  Kai na oi exousiodotiseis kai ta plirexousia… To dimosio thelei na einai sigouro oti tha talaiporitheis oste na katalaveis oti prepei na pliroseis eite me tio ena tropo i’ me ton allo. Sketi aidia!

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Loss of Sovereignty

According to the Financial Times, Merkel wants to make the new bail-out conditional on Greece giving up fiscal sovereignty to a “budget commissioner” with veto power who is to be appointed by the eurozone finance ministers. Without knowing the precise details, of course, it is too soon to evaluate this possible proposal, however, one is left wondering, first, if this is really necessary and, second, if it is constitutional. Besides, the issue at hand is that the Greek government cannot implement reforms fast enough because of resistance by special interest groups and unions. How is a budget commissioner going to help with reforms outside the public sector?

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Watching the Greek news daily on (satellite tv) has convinced me of a communication issue. Admittedly the Greek government has its hands full with the PSI “haircut” and the troika demands. But it assumes that the average citizen knows enough economics to realize that the only choices right now for boosting competitiveness are exit from the euro and serious devaluation of the drachma or euro retention and serious internal devaluation, unfortunately through substantial reductions in labor costs. As we argued in earlier postings, even though this comes down to a political decision, economists would mostly agree that staying in the euro is more beneficial for the long run, unless Greece ends up having no choice. If clever journalists cannot get this, why does the government assume that everyone else can?

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Blagojevich Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison

Ton dikon mas min ta psahnetai, paragrafikane…

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